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Well, obviously you click on this page for finding out some cheats, tips and tricks of Tropico 6 which managed to win over some hearts and minds.

You are on the right page, here I will tell you some tricks on how you get more money in this game and some more valuable facts that you should know while playing this game.

Firstly, let us discuss a little about this game. 

In the previous series of Tropico, it comprises only one island but in Tropico 5, there are four eras: 

  • The Colonial era, 
  • The World Wars era, 
  • The Cold War era, and 
  • The modern era

However, in Tropico 6, Limbic Entertainment, the developer allows players to build a chain of small islands and users can also customize the presidential palace.

But, to customize these avenues, you need money in the country’s treasury (and your secret Swiss bank account).

How You Can Make Money by Using Some Tips, Tricks and Cheats

Tropico 6 Cheats

The Rum Distillery and the Plantation industry is the best way to start your game through this you can make sufficient income to use that in other areas.

Apparel companies are profitable too, as they use low cost on construction and also the materials that are used in this are cheap and renewable.

Once you start these industries you can make deals of trading and by doing this you can improve relations with other citizens (press and hold CTRL and type CONTENTO,this will increase their happiness by 10.)

But, keep in mind that these industries have high front costs but bring in more profits.

Hold CTRL and type PESOS to boost your money by $20,000.

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Achievements And How To Get Them?

Tropico 6 Cheats

For Beginning a Servantship: Complete Mission “penultimo of the Caribbean

For Un-Lonely Island: Reach A Population Of 1000

Watch The World Burn: Finish a sandbox game without ever constructing a fire station

The Legend of Langostino: Complete Mission “Pirate King”

The Dreamer Of Dreams: Complete mission “Chocolate Factory”

Happy Ending? : Complete Mission “Acts Of God”

Of Seals And Man: Complete Mission “Concrete Beach”

Narcissist : Have 20 Inspiring Statues at the same Time

Caribbean Comrade: Complete Mission “Better Red Than Dead”

For Science! : Complete Mission “Tropicoland”

The Time For Wonders: Have four Heists Active At the Same Time

Go Sovereigns! : Complete Mission “Take Me Out Of The Ballgame”

Fairy Tale Come True : Have Neuschwanstein Castle And Taj Mahal Contructed at The Same Time

Double Trouble : Have two faction escalations at the same time

Apocalypso : Complete Mission “The Referendum”

Computer Says “No” : Complete Mission “Bureaucracy 2.0”

Viva Tropico! : Complete Mission “Battle Royal”

Team Player : Win a Multiplayer Game as a Team

Shackadelic : Complete Mission “Shackland”

Beware The Betman : Complete Mission “The One Percenters”

Firestarter : Complete Mission “(Super)Power Defense”

Don’t Panic! : A Space Mission end with a Special Event.

Promising Endeavors : Perform 500 raids across all games

Been there, Done That : Complete all Missions

The Governator : Remain in colonial era for 30 years

Chain Gang : Generate $3,500 in a month with convict labor

The Governator : Remain in colonial era for 30 years

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Cheat List

Tropico 6 Cheats

Now, take a look at these amazing Cheats that you can use and play your game in an easy way.

  • Change difficulty in scenario and free form modes: Ctrl + ratedifficulty
  • Change economic difficulty: Ctrl + economicdifficulty
  • Change political difficulty: Ctrl + politicaldifficulty
  • Kill selected unit: Ctrl + muerte
  • Rapid Build: Hold Ctrl + rapido
  • Remove all people from map: Ctrl + removepeople
  • Set treasury number: Ctrl + exacto
  • Population +100
  • Increases your population!
  • Population -100
  • Money +100.000
  • Current citizen: education = unschooled
  • Current citizen: education = Highschool
  • Current citizen: education = University
  • Money -100.000
  • Swiss bank assets +100.000
  • Base reputation China/Allied +10
  • Base reputation Russia/Axis +10
  • Base reputation USA +10
  • Base reputation Middle East +10
  • Base reputation EU +10
  • Swiss bank assets -100.000
  • Base reputation China/Allied -10
  • Base reputation Russia/Axis -10
  • Base reputation USA -10
  • Base reputation Middle East -10
  • Base reputation EU -10
  • Knowledge +1.000
  • Knowledge +20.000
  • Infinite raid points
  • Full acceptance
  • Full happiness
  • Infinite energy
  • Fill resources on select building
  • Godmode buildings
  • Knowledge set 

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Some Basic Tips

When you first start playing a game, focus on a given island. If you add up multiple islands in the beginning that will increase your expenses and you can’t afford avenues you want to build.

Secondly, start out by building cheaper houses at first, if other people start entering your island, only then start building the expensive houses. This will help you maintain your balance.

Coming up with the next point, build a library as soon as possible as this will add up your knowledge points which will help you later.

Make sure you build fire stations in your island as this will help you in difficult levels, as this will make more chances to get natural disasters which can result in fire.

Note that, don’t build so many buildings at the same time and make sure you have enough workers for each building.

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Fetching Up

That’s it for now, ending this article with knowing that you got all the points of how you can make your game run easily by using these tips and cheats.

If you got some more cheats, do share with us in the comment box given below and if there is anything which is not working as of now, let us know and we will look at your suggestions.

Do you have any questions related to any game? If yes, let us know here and we will get back to you.

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