Risk of Rain 2 Mods

Risk of Rain 2 Mods – Know The Best of Them

Survival games are one of the most loved games that many gamers like to play. Some of the survival games feature open-world play themes in the games like Days Gone, The Walking Dead, Rust, The Forrest, and many others. The Risk Of Rain 2 mods falls among these giants now. In these types of games, the player needs to survive the environment which consists of enemies that are programmed to kill you.

Risk Of Rain 2 is a third-person shooter game. With the success of ROR1, the developers of the game had come with its second part. Which also gained popularity as it seems too flawless to users of the game. But some things could improve the game for its betterment, as many modders say so. Now people are looking for Risk Of Rain mods for gaining extra powers in the game. And what are those? You will have the answer to that down below in the article.

Risk Of Rain 2 Trailer 

Watch the trailer of Risk of rain 2 to know more about what are you stepping into.


Risk of Rain 2 Mods

Risk of rain 2 has a similar concept as part 1 of the game. 1 to 4 players have to stay alive and progress to the next level while defeating various types of foes in between completing the mission. After every 5 minutes, the game gets hard. So The more time you spend time on the same level the more difficult the level becomes as the number of enemies increases.

The main goal on each level is to find the teleporter and activate it. When activated, the enemies will come charging towards you and you have to stand on your ground until the teleporter gets fully charged. You have to defeat as many enemies as you can to gain experience, skill points, and currency.

The currency will help you to open chests that contain different items which when occupy will give you a boost. If you collect the same types of items many times you can store their power for a longer period.

In the modified version of the game, players can unlock different costumes, characters, items, and once unlocked, players can use them from the start of the game and even new items can start appearing randomly throughout the game.

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Risk Of Rain 2 Mods 

Risk of Rain 2 Mods

The modders have added some mods which will help users to play the game more easily and make the game more interesting and competitive. With the help of mods, many missions of the game would be completed without wasting time. Mods could be used in both Single Player and Multiplayer mode. 

Spawn Items mods
  •  F1: spawn common white item
  •  F2: spawn uncommon green item
  •  F3: spawn rare red item
  •  F4: spawn boss yellow item
  •  F5: spawn equipment orange item
  •  F6: spawn lunar blue item 

There are many mod characters you can play as :

Goku – You must have heard of him. He is a familiar face and one of the biggest characters in the anime world. The Dragon ball z protagonist is now a playable character in Risk of Rain 2. All the forms in the anime that Goku has access to are now available in the game too. The character needs no cooldown and the longer he stays in a particular form the more he adapts to it.

Bandit – He is the same space cowboy you have played with, in Risk of rain 1. Now you can play as him in 3D. He also got some new abilities, now he has a revolver, a shotgun, and a mega pistol. Bandit is a fun character due to his high mobility while sustaining his DPS. He has got some massive single-shot capabilities.

Risk of Rain 2 Mods

PlayableTemplar – The templar happens to have a shotgun, a golem bean, a flame thrower, and a bazooka. A cool playable character right. You can play any way you like to, with the templar. He is a unique survivor, you should give it a go.

Enforcer – Another warrior from the 1st part. The enforcer plays pretty much the same, he has a riot shield and a shotgun. What else do you want? This mod literally lives up to the tank style like I can hit you but you can’t hit me. A shield that is capable to sustain some powerful moves. The shield will protect you as long as you are facing in the direction of the enemy’s moves. There are also some secret moves in this mod.

Sniper – While the sniper was already in the 1st part, the number of details that have been added in the second makes him look cooler and inspired by the original one. He has got 5 different ammo types, 2 different primary scopes, specials, and a whopping 8 skins to choose from.

Aatrox – Yes the same Aatrox of the league of legends. Aatrox is a super fast-paced melee survivor who can spend his hp to greatly empower his attacks. He is super fun to play but does need some time to learn to pop of enemies in no time.

Tristana, Twitch, Paladin are some other mods you can try. All of them have their own specialty and uniqueness.

Final Verdict

Modifications are added to upgrade a game to a different level. The characters and weapons that have been added to this game are super cool. People already loved Risk of rain 2 when it was released first. But with mods being added lately, users of the game are going nuts. Maybe there is some more to come in the future. To know more about the Risk of rain 2 mods do stay tuned.

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