Five Reasons Why Ninety Percent of Network Marketers Fail

There are nine out of ten people who will fail to build a viable business. Those who don’t act & people who build a business might experience a true business collapse. The small business administration statistics show that 9 out of 10 businesses fail within the period of ten tears, and by comparison, it is not true. The failure rate is complex to calculate because of large & small values. You can use the sig fig calculator to turn any number or expression into a new number with the desired number of significant figures for ease.

Reasons why 90 percent of marketer fail:

Here are some reasons why networking marketers fail.å

No Prospect List:

A prospecting list is said to be the heart & soul of network marketing, but you would not have one to sponsor your business without the list of prospects. A prospect list is a list in which 100 names immediately pop up in your mind, and it happens when someone asks you, in your friends & family circle, who is interested in the business that you have just joined. Creating the prospect list is a daunting task, so you can account for the significant figure calculator to determine the precise result corresponding to the significant calculator.

Budget & investment:

All the business requires a healthy budget, and the marketing network is also based on a good investment. Because of the unpleasant history of investing in the business, most people avoid investing in businesses. The reason behind the business failure is that they don’t have enough budget. They also don’t focus on the numbers & facts. When it comes to any business, then knowing your numbers is important. Here, significant figures can play a vital role in rounding off the digits; for the complex sig fig calculations, use the sig fig calculator that helps to convert the number into a new number.

Lack of determination:

Determination is another common reason why people fail in network marketing. It would be best if you had a strong determination to stand in this business, as it does not grow each day. It takes some time to grow bigger & better. Here, marketers use the sig fig calculator or sig fig counter to deal with the significant figures.


The pitch is said to be the heart of marketing when it comes to network marketing. You need to have a good pitch to make the other person feel safe & secure. Usually, the people don’t improvise the pitch and keep on reading to figure out a fatal thing. Adapt the pitch according to the current situation. To set the pitch, you can use the significant figures. You can try the sig fig calculator to know how many sig figs are in the numbers you mentioned.

Trying too hard:

Overdoing anything might ruin it, and network marketers are always trying too hard to get better results. They might come fishy & desperate. All you need is to maintain a good calm person.


In this post, we discussed the reason behind the failure of network marketing. There are lots of reasons for failures, and we mentioned the top five reasons for failures. When we talk about the failures, then sig fig can play an important role to round off the digits. You can use the sig fig calculator to round off the digits.

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