CouchTuner & its 16 Best Alternate Websites

How do you watch the latest movies & tv shows online? Well, some would say using streaming platforms such as Netflix, Prime Video, Hulu & others. What about those, who can’t afford to pay bucks for these online streaming platforms?

Well, they search for illegal ways to stream the latest movies & tv shows. One such example of illegal platforms include 123movies, Rainerland. Although, this method is illegal but who would say no if you get to watch all this stuff for free. Now, when it comes down to this post, here I will provide complete information about the Couchtuner streaming platform. So, continue reading to find out more about it:

Is Couchtuner Illegal?

Before proceeding ahead, let me make one thing clear to you – Couchtuner is an illegal platform to stream the latest movies & tv shows. That’s the reason why it has been blocked in several countries. However, every time it was blocked, it returned with proxy sites.

Is Couchtuner safe to use?

Now, that you’re aware of the fact that Couchtuner is illegal, you might be wondering with the fact that is it safe to use? Well, I had the same thought, so I decided to dig their revenue model. How the makers of this website earn money?

Well, as far as earning is concerned, Couchtuner generates its revenue by online advertisements on their website. So, if a user clicks on ads (accidentally or intentionally) on their sites, they’re redirected to other sites. In return, the owner of Couchtuner gets revenue from these ad networks.

Now, if you ask me, I really hate all these ads, especially when sometimes, as a user I get popup ads on the site. Moreover, even if I clicked any ad accidentally, I was redirected to some unknown or unreliable third-party sites.

So, is it safe to use these websites for watching tv shows & movies? Yes, but only if you access these sites with full precaution otherwise you might be redirected to websites that might actually harm your computer with malicious files, viruses, adware, etc. So, now, the main question is how anyone can protect themselves from these types of Malware?

Precaution you must take Before accessing Couchtuner.

Here is the answer to your last question. Follow these precautions if you want to protect yourself from viruses or unauthorized access:

  1. Whichever browser you’re using, you can find adblocker plugin from their respective store. This plugin will help you hide all the adultery on the website.
  2. Install a pop-up blocker from the respective store of your browser. This plugin will help you from annoying pop-ups that might download any malicious files to your computer.
  3. Install antivirus in your PC along with its extension in your browser. How an extension of antivirus will help you? Well, it’ll help you in blocking websites that might be harmful for you in every possible way.

11 Alternatives of Couchtuner

What’ll you do if Couchtuner is not working? Well, in that case, you have to rely on its alternative streaming sites to watch any tv shows or movies. So, here on the list, I’m providing some of the reliable alternatives of Couchtuner. Let’s find out about them one-by-one:

1. 123Movies

First & foremost, I’m listing one of the best alternatives of Couchtuner- 123movies. Well, as far as popularity is concerned, 123moveies is one of the oldest & popular streaming platforms on the internet to date. Moreover, it has been blocked several times worldwide. However, every time it has returned with a new proxy URL address. Here is a complete list of accessible 123movies proxy:

These are some of the 123movies proxy URL’s that are accessible at the time of writing this post. Besides, I will continue to update this proxy list so that you don’t face any problem in accessing 123movies website.

2. RainierLand


From the last decade, Rainierland has been one of the most popular videos streaming platforms. Now, that the internet is available in every country, Rainerland has its fixed audience from developing countries.

Now, coming back to the rainerland site, although, it’s free for everyone, it contains a lot of advertisements. Moreover, because of pirated content on their site, some countries have even blocked its URL.

Don’t worry, if the site is blocked in your country. Just google Rainerland & you will find several other proxy sites of rainerland. However, if you’re still unable to access this site, then the option you’re left with is a VPN (Virtual Private Network).

3. GoMovies


Now, if you ask me which streaming site is trending these days then my only answer will be GoMovies. Although, most of the content on this site is in English everything that you’ll find, will be in good quality.

However, as compared to the other sites, it isn’t that much easy for anyone to stream movies or tv shows on this site.

First of all, you need to sign up for an account on the site of GoMovies. Confirm your email id & that’s it. Now, after signing up, you’ll be able to watch the content for free at 1080P high definition quality.

On GoMovies you can watch content from different categories such as Action, Crime, Fantasy, Mystery, Adventure, Comedy, Family, Animation, War, Horror and many more.

Search for your favorite tv shows, movies & start watching it. However, if a particular movie or tv show isn’t available, then you can request it by filling out a contact form.

4. PrimeWire


Are you looking for a way to watch classic old movies & tv shows? Well, then, PrimeWire is one such option for you. Although, it is banned in some of the countries because of no proper licensing & pirated content.

However, to make sure their users do not face any problem, PrimeWire site goes live with different URL’s every time it’s blocked in any country. But how it’s possible? Won’t the makers of PrimeWire get caught? Well, actually, all the videos of this site aren’t stored on their server. In fact, it redirects to third party links.

You can say it’s a legal loophole that’s helping them running this site. Now, coming back to the site, you get several options with it such as new releases, TV listing, how to watch, search show, etc. You can use these options to find to navigate your favorite movies & tv shows easily.

However, before recommending you this website, let me warn you with one thing, sometime this site might redirect you to porn sites. So, if you’re planning to watch movie on this site with your family than I recommend you to choose any other platform. Otherwise, you might embarrass yourself in front of your family.

5. Vimeo


Similar to PrimeWire, Vimeo does not store any files on its server. Now, don’t start comparing both of these two-video streaming platforms as both of them have different categories of videos. On Vimeo, all you have to do is click on the image of the movie you want to watch & the server will automatically redirects you to the video.

As for as content on their site is concerned, Vimeo clearly mention on their site that they’ll not be held responsible for any kind of copyright issue.

The best thing about Vimeo is that you don’t have to sign up for the platform. You can directly watch you watch your favorite movie or tv show just by clicking the picture link. Although, this streaming platform works better as compared to others but it does show adult 18+ content on their site. So, make sure to avoid this site from children.

6. BMovies


Korean, Chinese, Taiwanese, US or UK. You name it what kind of movies you want to watch. On Bmovies, you’ll find every movie soon after its release. Moreover, all the content on this site, is available in different languages.

Alternatively, you can visit the direct link

7. Put lockers


Want to see movies & tv shows from all over the world? Well, if you do, then Put locker is a site that you need to know. However, to access this website, create a new a put locker account using your email id. Once you’re done, you’ll get a popup to install the google chrome extension. But why? Well, according to the site owners, to get a smooth experience of the movie, you must install the chrome extension.  “Put lockers” has provided free movies for all but you need to sign up to access the contents.

But as far as I’m concerned, I would never recommend you to install anything from these websites as now one know what harmful thing it might contain.

8. PureFlix


Sounds like Netflix, right? Well, out of all the alternatives of Couchtuner, Pureflix is the only mentioned site that provides access to its site with a subscription fee. But why they’re charging when other players in the market provide access to their site for free? Well, the main intention of Pureflix is to provide a seamless experience to its users. So, if you access this website with a subscription fee the unlike other mentioned sites, you won’t see any ads or popups on their site.

In fact, their earning model isn’t based on an advertisement. They earn money with the amount you pay via the subscription fee. Moreover, if you compare this site with its competition, it isn’t blocked by an ISP. Not even once. Want to know why? Well, they have legal permission to stream movies & tv shows on their site.

Now, if you’re looking for a free way to access this site, then you can get a one-month free trial of the subscription & cancel it before the ending of the month. So, this way, you’ll get an ad-free experience & that too without spending any money.

9. Movie4u


What would you do if you don’t understand English? You’ll look for a site that has a collection dubbed movies for streaming. Well, Movie4u is one such site for you. This website allows you to access your favorite movie & tv shows in a dubbed voice. For example, if you’re from India & can’t understand the English language the site allows you to stream Hindi dubbed movies & tv shows. Moreover, you can even watch regional movies such as Tamil, Telugu in Hindi dubbed language. This site provides you Hollywood as well as Hindi Dubbed movies.

Before watching any movie, what would you do to find a movie that is good or bad? Well, as far as I’m concerned, I’ll look for the IMDB ratings of those particular movies & tv shows. Well, if you do the same, then Movie4u is one such website that is made for you. Is it that good?

All the thumbnails for a movie or tv show display its IMDB ratings. So, from now on, you don’t have to waste your time looking for it manually. All you have to do is find your favorite movie & see it’s IMDB score to decide whether to want to see that movie or not.

Now, coming back to the most irritating part, as soon as you open the website, you can clearly see advertisements across the top & bottommost part of the site. Moreover, some countries where the laws are strict for pirated content regularly blocks this site’s URL with the help of ISP’s. If you face the same issue then you can google movie4u to find several proxy websites or you can even access them from a virtual location using VPN service.

10. CmoviesHD


Who doesn’t love to watch their favorite content in High-Definition? Especially when you can watch it from a different set of categories such as Country, Genre, top IMDB & TV-series. Moreover, this site gives its users a chance to tell their experience to other viewers.

So, if you want, you can comment down below the video to let others know your view on a particular movie & tv show. Moreover, this site allows you to access several details such as the Duration of the movies, Director, cast details, video quality, & release date.

11. Fmovies


Browse through your favorite movies & TV shows from different genres, release date, country, & watch it in HD on your pc. Although, all the content on this site is free the main reason behind keeping it last is the presence of some unwanted adverts & popups. All in all, if you want to access this site, then make sure you’ve enough patience to handle this site. Because whenever the site is blocked in any country, you’re redirected to a new URL of the site.

12. ThinkPad


You will probably be familiar with this website because it’s becoming popular among people for High definition videos online. If you somehow miss 123movie, then ThinkPad could be a good substitute.

You can select the genre or the release year of the movie as per your preference. This is a third party content storage platform and redirects to another URL. All contents are provided by non-affiliated third parties. You can not only take in the video contents, but you can download as well.

You need to sign up to watch free videos. These videos contain adverts which you can block by some technical traits. Although, any website must make their revenue through ads if they are not calling for any subscription fee. This website covers, videos of a few nations like USA, UK, India, Germany, France, and Canada. India has millions of users of Hollywood films.

13. Niter Movies


This is one of the top video streaming websites among all 123movies. Mostly contents are updated and easy to access. However, you need to sign-up to access the files. On this site, movies are stored on their server, however, they do not bother about copyright or DMCA. This site has given a disclaimer at the bottom of the site that they are not responsible for any legality if occur in any country.

Movies by Genre and by Year can be searched and viewed. If you wish to search by year then from 2013 to 2017 options are available. Further, through genre, you can select either of action, drama, comedy, thriller, etc. Movies are available for streaming as well as downloading. There are social media links such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and more. Through this link, you can share anything if you wish to. Marquee rolls at the bottom describing the latest movie link for watching. This makes easy and eye-catching for viewers.

Niter was previously available at but this site is blocked and no more available.

14. MoviesJoy

Get rid of all kinds of pop-ups & ads as there is a new addition MovieJoy as a newcomer in the era of online video streaming. Furthermore, if you’re looking for a large database of movies & tv shows than Moviejoy is the website for you to go. The best thing is you can watch or download the videos without going through any kind of registration process.

Daily moviesjoy adds new content into their existing collection of movies & tv shows. So, if you’re looking to watch the latest videos than you’re chances to find that particular movies & tv shows are highly possible.

If I talk about my experience, Moviejoy has been a lifesaver to me. I remember I had to watch a tv series, the witcher released by Netflix. But at the time of its release, other streaming sites that I knew were not working & then came Moviesjoy to my rescue. Then I binge-watched the complete season without any kind of interruptions like ads, pop-ups, etc.

Unlike many other sites, I didn’t face any type of server issues with this site as it has more than 4 servers for an amazing video streaming experience. Furthermore, you don’t have to try too hard for sorting out the best content as it lists movies & tv shows with genres, IMDB rating, duration, video quality, & more.

So, search the movies or tv shows on Moviesjoy & start streaming it on your PC or Laptop.

15. Watchfree

Well, if you’re looking for a site that can give tough competition to renowned sites like 123movies, then, Watchfree can be a perfect choice for you. This free video streaming platform has all the potential to be the best. Except that it sometimes tricks you in completing the registration process with green colored registration button.

Apart from this con, Watchfree has stayed as one of the best alternatives to 123movies. You can completely rely on this site for good quality & fast speed.

Now, if I talk about its biggest pros., WatchFree offers excellent navigation processes throughout the site. Whichever movies or tv shows you want to watch, browse them & start watching instantly.

After watching some of my favorite tv shows, one thing I would say, it has the biggest library of tv shows & films.

Furthermore, WatchFree has a large collection of content in HD quality with all the latest movies, & the top 100 greatest movies of all-time. The best thing is you don’t have to look for this collection as you can find them on the homepage of Watchfree itself.

Watchfree supports movies & tv shows from the following genres – Biography, Action, Romance, Crime, history, Fantasy, comedy & several others. So, choose the genre, find a movie or tv show & read its synopsis. If you like the story then start watching your favorite content for free.

16. CMovies

Sometimes, it becomes a headache for me to browse a movie or tv shows that I want to watch. Well, if you’re tired of facing this same old problem then you can use Cmovies as an alternative to 123movies website.

As per my experience, Cmovies has an interface that’s completely organized. If you don’t like the messy & confusing interface of some of the popular streaming sites then use Cmovies as it has one of the largest collection of TV shows & movies.

Now, when it comes down to the list of features Cmovies has a search bar, alternate servers, filters, content request facility & the list of top IMDB movies.

Although, everything works nicely with this website. Except that, you won’t be able to use this streaming platform without using an AdBlock extension.

Now, if you still want to access this website without an adblocker, well, then let me warn you. Without good adblocking service, you will see several annoying ads, commercials & pop-ups.

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Final Words

These are some alternatives that you can access if the Couchtuner website is not available. You can use these sites to stream your favorite tv shows whenever CouchTuner is not available. Although the websites on the list have its fair share of Pros. & Cons. So, you can decide which one is best for you out of the 11 best alternatives. I hope you found this post helpful in streaming your favorite movies & tv shows.

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